The Polish Automotive Group was established in Podkarpacie

On the 9th of November this year the Polish Automotive Group was established in Sędziszów Małopolski – it is the first Polish association which exclusively gathers domestic manufactures from the industry. The Initiator and Board Chairman of the PAG is Adam Sikorski, President of PZL Sędziszów S.A. The association has a nationwide character.

The Group associates primarily companies from the Podkarpacie region, which is considered the leader of the Polish automotive industry. The distinguishing element of the Polish Automotive Group among other industry associations is the fact, that its members are exclusively companies with Polish capital. Among the PAG’s founding companies, apart from PZL Sędziszów, are: PIMOT, i.e. Przemysłowy Instytut Motoryzacji (Industrial Institute of Automotion), Sanok Rubber Company SA, PELMET S.J., SPLAST Sp. z o.o., Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Wdrożeniowe NABOR (Production and Implementation Company) Grażyna Naborczyk, the EKO-KARPATY Sp. z o.o. group, Prywatny Ośrodek Maszynowy (Private Machine Center), GUMAT Róg Pawlikowski S.J., JASŁOMET PPH Furtek-Lipiecki Sp. J. Their common goal is the intent to manufacture and sell automotive products under their own, Polish brand.

The automotive parts market in Poland is dominated by large, international corporations. A similar situation is faced by many domestic manufacturers, who end up as subcontractors for foreign brands. If we start working together as part of one organization, it will surely be easier to create conditions favorable to the development of our companies – highlights Adam Sikorski, Chairman of the PAG Board.

The Polish Automotive Group wants to propose changes in the area of legislation and develop cooperation in the scope of research and development, as well as raise the customers’ awareness, that Polish products are characterized by quality equal to products of foreign brands.

The organization’s head office is located in Sędziszów Małopolski, with an office in Warsaw.

The PAG Association’s detailed program and terms of joining shall be presented on the 18th of November at a press conference tuding the 590 Congress in Jasionka near Rzeszów.


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